Cyberint: Cyber Threat Investigations: Tales From The Front Lines

Cyberint: Cyber Threat Investigations: Tales From The Front Lines


Cyberint helps protect hundreds of customers around the world. As part of our continuous monitoring operations, we routinely find threat intelligence that is relevant to our customers. The threat could be impersonation of a customer's brand on social media or a phishing site; a malware infection of an employee's or customer's machine; a leak of sensitive data, such as source code, credit card details, or PII; or exposed corporate credentials.

In this webinar, 4 threat intelligence experts from the Cyberint team will break down the details of a recent investigation. It will be an analyst roundtable event, where both the presenters and viewers will be encouraged to provide different perspectives, ask questions, and share knowledge they’ve gained from their own experiences.

Ela Kacowicz, Itai Dahari, Darja Feldman, and Yehonatan Wiesel will each discuss a recent threat they discovered, how they responded to it, and how the risk was ultimately mitigated. While these case studies will be anonymized, they represent real threats detected 'in the wild’ that could have potentially led to a serious security incident.

Join us on Tue, Nov 14th at 11am EST as we give you the play-by-play on recent threat investigation and response scenarios.