CyberArk: Underestimated Risk: Common Cloud and DevOps Misconfigurations

CyberArk: Underestimated Risk: Common Cloud and DevOps Misconfigurations


Think Like an Attacker. Stay One Step Ahead.

Organizations are experiencing an explosion of human and machine identities, driven by digital initiatives and rapid innovation. This in turn has significantly increased exposure to ransomware, software supply chain attacks and other threats, giving rise to a new generation of cyber criminals.

Cyber criminals continuously seek to make their attacks more resilient, more disruptive and harder to counter. Harder yes, but not impossible. Our extensive security experience is rooted in protecting privileged access, a practice that must extend beyond the IT admin to all identities – human and machine.

What to Expect Each Session

For a reality-based experience with timely defense insights, we tap current CyberArk Labs research on threats seen and experienced in the wild, as well as insights gained from actual breaches our incident responders have addressed. We will simulate a head-to-head battle.

  • CyberArk Technical Evangelist and resident biohacker Len Noe will demonstrate an attack step by step. Learn about the most common tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs) and see how vulnerable you may be to a particular attack.
  • CyberArk Labs Global Evangelist Andy Thompson will demonstrate security best practices and show how organizations can reduce risk by managing and securing identities.

To get the most from this series, we suggest participants have one of the following roles:

  • CISO/(Cyber) Security Manager
  • (Cyber) Security/IT Architect
  • (Cyber) Security Professional
  • IT/Security