Why We Collect Data From 12 Countries

Why We Collect Data From 12 Countries

At SecurityScorecard, we're collecting data from 12 different countries.

Here's why:

Some countries, industries, and organizations are beginning to deploy deception technologies to misrepresent their security hygiene.

If you're trying to gather information on the Chinese infrastructure from outside, e.g., your data set will appear sparse because China blocks the view.

But if you collect information from outside and inside of China and triangulate the different discrepancies, you get a more accurate representation.

Think about it like a video camera:

A video camera has a limit to what it captures.

But using multiple cameras to shoot the same scene from different angles, you get a 360-degree view and always know what is going on around you.

By collecting the data from 12 locations, we're able to

  • correlate how the Internet appears from different locations,
  • understand how the Internet changes every single second,
  • provide accurate and trusted findings through improved data accuracy,
  • form a comprehensive security posture representation for any company worldwide.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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