Why Veterans Make Great Infosec Professionals

Why Veterans Make Great Infosec Professionals

Infosec is a demanding field that requires individuals to be adaptable, quick-thinking, and able to handle difficult situations. In this video, James Rees explores why veterans are well-suited for infosec careers, with their unique experiences and skill sets making them ideal candidates for the industry. From their ability to handle high-pressure environments to their willingness to take on challenging subject matters, find out why veterans are making a big impact in infosec.
Watch the full video "Ex-Military Cyber Security Experts: How Military Training Prepares You for Success in Cyber Security" https://youtu.be/CKHXLyC-onM

The episode gives a great guide to moving from the forces into the world of commerce from people who have been through the process themselves. Listen to this episode on your favourite podcasting platform.

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James Murphy
James joined TechVets from GDS, where he was employed as the Head of Threat Intelligence.

James served for 19 years in the British Military, deploying to Northern Ireland, East Africa and Afghanistan with the Infantry, receiving lifelong injuries as a result of enemy action. James then served until 2018 in intelligence, delivering support to global Joint Military operations.

Since becoming CEO, he has used his military experience to build an unrivalled programme of professional tech training, resources, and support for UK veterans and their families. He is an excellent ambassador for the military and has proven his commercial prowess and business excellence by securing strategic partnerships with some of the world's leading tech companies.

Claire Davies MBE
Claire has over 30 years of experience in the field of intelligence and security. She cut her teeth within the UK military where she enjoyed a globe-trotting career identifying, assessing, exploiting and ultimately defeating the threat to the security of assets posed by those engaged in terrorism, espionage, sabotage and subversion. In more recent times, she leads a team of information security and data protection professionals within Arriva Group. She is particularly passionate about creating momentum around increased awareness of the cyber threat across the industry, mentoring new recruits into the field (so she can retire) and helping to fly the flag in providing a safe and trusted public transport network.

Tom Mills
Tom Mills is an Information Security Consultant working for Razorthorn Security. Formerly a Counter-Intelligence and Security subject matter expert with the British Army specialising in physical security vulnerability identification and penetration testing, Tom has hands-on experience identifying and managing security threats and risks in a variety of operational environments. Transferring his military experience, he now supports and guides organisations to ensure their information security and cyber defence postures meet national and international regulatory compliance standards along with supporting key organisational outputs for Razorthorn Cyber Defence. Tom actively supports service leavers where possible and is a Member of the Security Institute and pursues CPD opportunities where possible.

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