What We Can Learn From SolarWinds Security Breach

What We Can Learn From SolarWinds Security Breach

65% of cyber attacks today happen due to the negligence of a third party.

SolarWinds security breach is a good example of that.

In this case, hackers used a method known as a supply chain attack to insert malicious code into their Orion System.

From there, they managed to crack into the SolarWinds network and put malware into the environment.

SolarWinds did a great job following up on this.

  • They were transparent about what they were doing to improve security.
  • They took immediate actions to become a more resilient organization.

They made significant improvements and are currently rated as a B by SecurityScorecard.

This attack was a reminder for every organization to have a robust and scalable 3rd-party security risk management program as they roll out their security priorities.


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