Vulnerability Scans Are a Must but Not Enough

Vulnerability Scans Are a Must but Not Enough

Vulnerability scans test for different misconfigurations and report the vulnerabilities.

But they have 2 big drawbacks:

  1. They are intrusive.

You need to get consent from a company before you do a vulnerability scan on them.

  1. They are not continuous.

You may get a very rigorous readout from a vulnerability scan.

But then a sleep-deprived IT administrator misconfigured the system, making your report irrelevant.

On the other hand, security ratings don’t need anybody’s consent and provide continuous, real-time monitoring.

The hackers are trying to break into your company every single second of the day, so you need to evolve and adapt to their speed.

So vulnerability scans are an excellent tool (especially those provided by excellent companies like Tenable, Rapid7, and Qualys), but they're not enough by themselves.


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