Understanding the Intelligence Cycle for Cybersecurity: Building a New ICT Infrastructure

Understanding the Intelligence Cycle for Cybersecurity: Building a New ICT Infrastructure

In this video, we dive into the intelligence cycle specifically tailored for cybersecurity. With a focus on protecting digital assets, we explore the stages of Direction, Collation, Analysis, and Dissemination within the context of building a new ICT infrastructure. Starting with the initial direction, we discuss the need for a secure network architecture capable of defending against cyber threats.

The collation stage involves bringing together key stakeholders and representatives from relevant departments in a comprehensive workshop spanning multiple days. During this workshop, we identify the necessary requirements and objectives to fortify the network's cybersecurity. This stage serves as the information collection phase, laying the foundation for robust intelligence gathering.

Once the collation phase concludes, we proceed to process the gathered information, conducting link analysis and applying various cybersecurity techniques to extract valuable insights. This analytical stage forms the intelligence that shapes the design and implementation of a segmented network with enhanced cybersecurity capabilities.

The resulting intelligence is then disseminated to the entities responsible for designing and implementing the fortified infrastructure. This marks the beginning of a new intelligence cycle, wherein ongoing monitoring, analysis, and dissemination of cybersecurity information become crucial for maintaining a secure ICT environment.

Join us in this video as we explore the vital role of the intelligence cycle in cybersecurity and the development of a resilient ICT infrastructure. Gain valuable insights into the stages involved and understand how they contribute to safeguarding digital assets against evolving cyber threats. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge of intelligence operations in the context of cybersecurity.

Watch the full video "Defence in Depth: Strengthening your Cyber Security Strategy" https://youtu.be/087hjEEdDME

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