Take 5-Minute Holidays To Avoid Burnout | Cyber Security Professionals

Take 5-Minute Holidays To Avoid Burnout | Cyber Security Professionals

Stefania Chaplin talks about how to avoid burnout in working as a cyber security professional by taking short breaks from the screen like 5-minute holidays.

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Stefania’s (aka DevStefOps) experience as a Solutions Architect within DevSecOps, Security Awareness, and Software Supply Chain Management which means she's helped countless organisations understand and implement security throughout their SDLC. As a python developer at heart, Stefania enjoys optimising and improving operational efficiency by scripting and automating processes and creating integrations. She is a member of OWASP DevSlop, hosting their technical shows. When not at a computer, Stefania enjoys surfing, yoga, and looking after all her tropical plants.

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