Spotlight on Technology - Encryption

Spotlight on Technology - Encryption

In our new series, Spotlight on Technology, we invite experts from different areas of cyber security to talk to us about their specialisms. First up, we take a look at encryption with James Rees MD of Razorthorn, a cyber security consultancy & Scott Glazer from Atakama, New York based multifactor encryption software specialists.

80% of companies hit by ransomware are hit twice in a short space of time – 45% of the time by the same attacker as the initial breach. We need to take a new approach to defend against this modern day threat.

Do you know where your most sensitive data is, or how it is protected? What would happen if a hacker breaks into your network?

We bring you insight into the world of encryption and share what we hear when talking to clients, common concerns and misconceptions and worryingly – the hacks and attacks we don’t hear about in the press.

Encryption is our last line of defence. Attackers looking for low hanging fruit, so how do we make our environments an undesirable target? Even the most seemingly secure environments have vulnerabilities. We need to assume adversaries can already get into your network - but encryption can make what they find is useless to them.

Traditionally, file level encryption has been seen as hard to implement and deploy, with one client telling us they needed ‘to be a NASA scientist to deploy it’. Software these days needs to be easy. Find out how Atakama have changed the encryption process into an easy to use, easy to deploy, decentralised solution that allows end users easy access to their data with very minimal friction, in a solution that’s disconnected from the perimeter.

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