SOX VS SOC AICPA Mapping the Differences

SOX VS SOC AICPA Mapping the Differences

SOX and SOC are regulatory and compliance standards that people often get confused about. They are designed and developed with different purposes and goals. Explaining the two in detail, VISTA InfoSec recently conducted a live webinar on “SOX & SOC- Mapping the Differences”. The webinar maps the similarities and differences between SOX and SOC. In addition to this, the webinar provides information on how your organization can leverage the key overlaps between the two to attain compliance with both the regulation and compliance standards.

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0:00 Introduction

7:45 Sarbanes - Oxley Act (SOX}- Brief Introduction

13:52 AICPA - soc1/soc2/soc3- Brief Introduction

18:26 SOC1/SOC2/SOC3 - Summary of Reports

20:40 SOX & SOC1- Explaining the synergy

28:25 ICFR, SOX & SOC1- How do they add up?

34:13 COSO Framework

37:03 Risk Assessment for SOX

39:19 Does SOC1 Attestation Guarantee SOX Compliance?

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