SolarWinds CEO Blames Intern for 'SolarWinds123' Password Leak Scandal! || Razorthorn Security

SolarWinds CEO Blames Intern for 'SolarWinds123' Password Leak Scandal! || Razorthorn Security

Dive deep into the SolarWinds scandal as the former CEO points fingers at an intern for the notorious 'SolarWinds123' password leak! Uncover the critical lapse in password security that lingered undiagnosed for years. In 2019, an independent security researcher stumbled upon 'SolarWinds123' exposed on the public internet, leading to a stern warning to the company about the vulnerable file server.

Join the discussion as US lawmakers grill SolarWinds in a joint hearing by the House Oversight and Homeland Security Committees. The password issue takes centre stage as the former CEO's blame game unfolds. Don't miss out on the revelations and scrutiny surrounding this cybersecurity debacle.

James adds a touch of humour, sharing a comment made on the news item: "I've got a stronger password than SolarWinds123 to stop my kids from watching too much YouTube on their iPad."

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