Should You Worry About Ransomware Attacks?

Should You Worry About Ransomware Attacks?

Over $800,000 - that’s the cost of the average ransomware payout last year. 66% of mid-sized organizations and about 37% of global organizations got hit. (Sources cited below)

Attackers have developed new techniques that a lot of companies aren’t aware of or prepared for.

For example, the demand for ransomware as a service has hugely increased, resulting in many more organizations being hacked every day.

Hackers don’t care if you’re a big organization or small because they’re mostly looking for the easiest targets.

Here are a few things you can do to minimize the risk:

  • have cyber insurance
  • back up your data regularly
  • understand your attack surface
  • use security ratings to measure KPIs
  • hire an incident response firm on retainer 24/7 to help you recover if you get attacked

Anything I missed?


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