Secure Your Digital Assets - Penetration Testing Services Primer

Secure Your Digital Assets - Penetration Testing Services Primer

Sep 16, 2020

Cyphere Ltd is an IT security services provider of penetration testing and managed security services. Our mission is to protect most prized assets of our customers and helping them with a safe and secure infrastructure.
Our most popular service offerings include but not limited to:
Penetration Testing
Web and Mobile Application Penetration Testing
Active Directory Security
Red Teaming
Azure Security Advisory (Azure Configuration, Sentinel, Defender ATP)
AWS Security
Cloud Security Assessments
Remote Access Security Reviews
Threat Intel - Attack Surface Assessment
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Our compliance based technical security offerings can be found here:

Our managed security services are geared towards SME segment helping them strengthen their defences and providing continuous risk picture.

All our services offer independent view of your infrastructure without providing any endorsements for products or reselling objectives.