The Role of AI/ML and Automation in CyberSecurity

The Role of AI/ML and Automation in CyberSecurity

Let’s talk about having automation tools and AI/ML for cyber security.

To combat the bad guys trying to break into your environment all the time, you need tools that can:

  • sift through mountains of data, and
  • point to you the 1 or 2 actionable items that need to be addressed.

In fact, you must automate 99% of your alerts because if humans have to do it, they will feel overloaded and make mistakes.

But you can’t replace human judgment.

It’s like flying a plane. Most of the time, it flies on autopilot.

But at crucial moments like take off, landing, or when there’s a thunderstorm, the pilot disengages the autopilot and actively takes the wheel.

So the best practice is to build repeatable capabilities with a combination of rigorous processes, playbooks, automations, and human capital.

You need to enable the different tools to talk to each other and involve humans whenever needed.

That’s how you stay on top of the game!


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