Mastering Emotional Control: The Power of Deep Breathing Techniques

Mastering Emotional Control: The Power of Deep Breathing Techniques

The idea here is that it's often better to ask others to do nothing initially, as it compels us to take action. This approach allows us to observe how people react. Afterward, it's crucial to review the situation, considering the emotional distance. To maintain composure, it's essential to calm the amygdala, which can be achieved through techniques like deep breathing. These techniques don't have to be related to yoga; even taking a moment to take deep breaths discreetly can help oxygenate the brain and reduce adrenaline. Once emotions are under control, you can then focus on assessing the facts of the situation.

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Bec McKeown
Bec McKeown is a Chartered Psychologist with twenty years’ experience of researching and evaluating human performance in high-risk, high-stakes industries, including the UK Ministry of Defence. The knowledge and insights gained from this research have given Bec a unique perspective on the ways humans react in times of crisis, and she is an experienced speaker and thought leader on the psychology of human performance in cybersecurity.
In 2019, Bec established Mind Science, an organisation dedicated to assisting companies at both operational and strategic levels. Her primary focus revolves around leveraging psychological principles to enhance situational awareness, decision-making, and problem-solving for teams operating in complex environments. With a proven track record, Bec continues to make significant contributions in shaping the landscape of human performance psychology.

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