Legislative Challenges: Navigating Knee-Jerk Reactions in Cybersecurity || Razorthorn Security

Legislative Challenges: Navigating Knee-Jerk Reactions in Cybersecurity || Razorthorn Security

Explore the pitfalls of knee-jerk legislative reactions in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity in our latest video. Delve into the challenges faced by organizations as they grapple with sudden directives that often emerge as a response to unforeseen events. The knee-jerk nature of some legislation raises crucial questions about the consultation process, leaving cybersecurity professionals wondering if insights from the infosec world were considered.

Join us as we dissect the difficulties presented by implementing rapid changes, especially in environments laden with legacy systems, like the OT and manufacturing industry. Discover the real-world struggles of adapting to stringent security constraints in massive, complex environments where old technology prevails. The video navigates through the complexities of aligning with new legislation, addressing the time constraints and technical challenges that organizations, particularly those with outdated systems, may encounter.

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