Introducing SwyftComply - Get Clean, Zero-Vulnerability Report in 72 Hours

Introducing SwyftComply - Get Clean, Zero-Vulnerability Report in 72 Hours

Jan 24, 2024

SOC 2, ISO270001, PCI, and other regional laws require you to have a clean, zero-vulnerability report.

That said, even critical vulnerabilities take 250+ days to patch, especially when these exist in third-party plug-ins, open-source libraries, or legacy code.

Compounding the problem are zero-day vulnerabilities like the MOVEit SQLi, Zimbra XSS, and 300+ such vulnerabilities that get discovered each month.

Delays in fixing these vulnerabilities lead to compliance issues and worse exploits, leading to loss of data/reputation and business.

To help app sec teams, we are launching a unique feature on AppTrana that’ll help you get a “Zero vulnerability report” within 72 hours.

In this webinar, Vivekanand Gopalan, VP of Product at Indusface, discusses the inner workings of this release, including:

  • Onboarding: The onboarding process on AppTrana
  • Application Audit: The audit process that uncovers vulnerabilities
  • Tuning: Development of application-specific patches to virtually patch all vulnerabilities
  • Revalidation: The final revalidation report that gives you a clean, zero vulnerability report for all your compliance requirements

About Indusface:

Indusface is a leading application security SaaS company that secures critical Web, Mobile, and API applications of 5000+ global customers using its award-winning fully managed platform that integrates web application scanner, web application firewall, DDoS & BOT Mitigation, CDN, and threat intelligence engine. Indusface has been funded by Tata Capital Growth Fund II.

It is the only Cloud WAAP (WAF) Vendor with 100% recommendation for three consecutive years - Gartner® Peer Insights™ Voice of Customer. And is a “Great Place to Work” certified SaaS product company, is PCI, ISO27001, SOC 2, GDPR certified and has been the recipient of many prestigious start-up awards, such as the Economic Times Top 25, NASSCOM DSCI Top Security Company, Deloitte Asia Top 100, among others.

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