Identity Management | Spotlight on Technology

Identity Management | Spotlight on Technology

Welcome to another edition of Spotlight on Technology! In this episode, we’re joined by Tim Keeler, Founder and CEO of Remediant, to discuss using identity management and privileged access management as part of your defence in depth strategy.

Stolen account credentials are one of the most common attack vectors for malicious actors. If a hacker uses the credentials of a user with privileged access, it could be game over for that company within a matter of minutes.

Tim tells us how protecting organisations can begin with something as simple as removing 24/7 access for accounts with administrative credentials. The risk of compromise has risen significantly since the ‘working from home’ movement – how many companies are actually set up to manage accounts with privileged access in a secure way, remotely or otherwise? Tim and James discuss new security considerations for the move to cloud technologies and VPNs.

Tim discusses the attack trends he’s been seeing, including the increased risk of a ransomware attack, and attacks on service providers. He tells us how Remediant clients were able to deal with the SolarWinds attack in 2020 and how a privileged access management tool can contain and attack and stop the fire spreading.

James and Tim cover FAQs and advice for reducing the risk of attack with a PAM tool, and how to get an attack under control if it is already in progress. Topics include:

  • How to identify a malicious attacker vs a genuine user
  • User behaviour that should set off alarm bells
  • The need for visibility of all accounts with privileged access
  • Zero standing privilege
  • Are service providers taking the initiative and stepping up their cyber security?
  • The concept ‘Never trust, always verify’
  • Whether Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) negates the need for Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • A look into the defence in depth concept
  • Preventing and controlling the spread of a cyber attack

Remediant is a leading precision privileged access management software provider that stops lateral movement and credential attacks, removing 24x7 admin rights. Do you know who has access to your endpoints and servers, when, and for how long? Remediant does.

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