How We Save You From Endless Security Questions

How We Save You From Endless Security Questions

Stop using questionnaires to assess the risk of your business partners.

Here's why:

Suppose you want to hire a marketing firm to help grow your company.

To assess the risk, you send them a 20-page questionnaire asking about 2-factor authentication, data encryption, etc.

Even if they have a 2-factor authentication in place, e.g., you still have to ask for their company policy to verify.

Not only does that result in mountains of paperwork.

Those questionnaires are:

  • inefficient,
  • subjective, and
  • time-consuming.

Unfortunately, many companies still rely on these questionnaires, leading to endless due diligence questions from customers and prospective customers.

Here's how we help you solve this problem at SecurityScorecard:

1️⃣ objective security measurements

To quantify risks, we create security scorecard ratings that give you an outside view of the risk and tell you which controls are in place and which ones are not.

It maps to compliance frameworks like:

  • SIG,
  • HIPAA,
  • ISO 27001,
  • and many more.

2️⃣ questionnaire management and validation solution

SecurityScorecard Atlas allows you to ask a company for the inside-out version of their data.

Using objective measurements, we then validate that information.

It's like a risk exchange, where you have outside-in scores rather than inside-out controls provided by the company.

➡️ With SecurityScorecard, you don't need lengthy questionnaires to assess security risks.

You can just send a link to your scorecard and Atlas review.

Claim your scorecard profile to stop answering endless due diligence questions and save time and money.


SecurityScorecard is the global leader in cybersecurity ratings and the only
service with over 12 million companies continuously rated. The company is headquartered in New York and operates in 64 countries around the globe.

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