Hacking Cybersecurity Training: Escape Rooms & Entrepreneurial Thinking with Amy Stokes-Waters

Hacking Cybersecurity Training: Escape Rooms & Entrepreneurial Thinking with Amy Stokes-Waters

Join us on this week's edition of the Razorwire podcast where host Jim chats with Amy Stokes-Waters, CEO of The Cyber Escape Room Co. Amy, transitioning from a non-traditional background into cybersecurity, shares her entrepreneurial journey and innovative approach to security awareness training through engaging escape room experiences.

This episode dives deep into pressing issues like combating AI-enabled disinformation, addressing the cybersecurity workforce shortage, and improving communication between security teams and executives. Amy's fresh perspective and candid discussions provide valuable insights for security leaders navigating today's evolving threat landscape.

Key Talking Points:

Innovative Security Training: Explore how Amy's company uses escape rooms to teach crucial cybersecurity concepts in an engaging and memorable way.
Changing Threat Landscapes: Discuss the impact of ransomware, the evolution of insider risks, and how AI is shaping the future of security.
The Human Element in Cybersecurity: Understand the significance of strategic leadership in cybersecurity roles and how to effectively educate teams on complex threats.
Tune in to uncover new methods to enhance cybersecurity awareness and understand the critical role of human factors in safeguarding digital spaces.

Episode Highlights:

Cybersecurity Awareness via Escape Rooms: The benefits of immersive learning experiences over traditional training methods.
Insider Risk Management: Tackling internal threats and ransomware risks.
Impact of Cloud Migration on Security: Security challenges during the shift to cloud computing.
AI and Disinformation: The risks of AI in spreading disinformation and its implications in cybersecurity.
Challenges in Cybersecurity Hiring: Addressing unrealistic job descriptions and recruitment practices in the cybersecurity job market.
Future of AI in Cybersecurity: The need for human oversight in AI-driven cybersecurity solutions.
Guest Bio:
Amy Stokes-Waters, CEO of The Cyber Escape Room Co and a leading voice in cybersecurity, discusses her journey from marketing to leading innovative security training solutions. A champion for gender diversity in tech, Amy brings a unique blend of sales, marketing, and security expertise to the table.

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