The Explosion of APIs and Nuances of API Security | Kashi (Co-founder & CTO, Fitbots)

The Explosion of APIs and Nuances of API Security | Kashi (Co-founder & CTO, Fitbots)

Mar 13, 2023

Here are some highlights of the conversation between Kashi (Co-founder & CTO, Fitbots OKRs) & Venky (Founder & CMO, Indusface).

They discuss how the API adoption growth will lead to an exponential increase in API security needs. Adopting multiple business services & securely integrating with them will be the future for running a sustainable long-term business.

They cover a bunch of other aspects in the SaaSTrana Podcast, like: - API security with dynamic endpoints

  • Social engineering attacks and cybersquatting
  • Security demands as per customer segments
  • Security Daily Gym!
  • Pitfalls to avoid by a CTO of a new SaaS firm
  • Indusface for API security and with 100% customer recommendation

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