DDoS Protection With AppTrana

DDoS Protection With AppTrana

Feb 11, 2022

Learn how AppTrana provides fully managed DDoS protection for your business - https://bit.ly/34S6NH1

For any business, AppTrana (Web Application Firewall) for DDoS Protection is an essential tool to strengthen the security posture.

With this WAF tool, CXOs (CISO, CTO, CISO, CEO) would have their tough jobs made easier in this ever-growing threat landscape. (In recent years, with the adoption of the work-from-home culture, cybersecurity attacks have taken the front seat in disrupting businesses of all sizes across the world).

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks of any type and magnitude could cause serious damage for businesses, and mitigation and recovery could make a major impact on the balance sheets, brand reputation, business growth, and innovation.

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