Cyber security and Critical Infrastructure: Are We Prepared for the Worst?

Cyber security and Critical Infrastructure: Are We Prepared for the Worst?

In this episode of Razorwire, I had the pleasure of speaking with Phil Tonkin from Dragos about securing critical infrastructure. Phil and I delved into the definition of critical infrastructure, the fragility of supply chains and the importance of preparing for potential attacks. We also talked about the Colonial Pipeline incident and the inextricable link between IT and OT in critical infrastructure.

Phil tells us how we should be advancing the development of defensive capabilities and safeguard civilisation as well as how to overcome the many challenges of managing risks and compliance, the changing perception of IT and cyber security within organisations and how to deal with the increasing sophistication of cyber attacks.

Overall, it was a fascinating discussion that shed light on the critical importance of securing our infrastructure in the most suitable way given the challenges we are facing. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode of Razorwire as much as I enjoyed recording it.

"Don't just chase the newest and sexiest technology. Focus on actual risks and develop capabilities that can manage those risks."
Phil Tonkin

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In this episode, we covered the following topics:
The evolution of critical infrastructure and how we can advance our defensive capabilities
How the Colonial Pipeline incident changed the perception of critical infrastructure security, and how to prepare for future attacks
The decision-making processes of critical infrastructure companies during a cyber attack
The factors that increase the likelihood of an attack, according to Dragos’ latest research
The reduction of surplus reserves and the need for governments to identify what to subsidise to increase resilience
What are the key concerns Dragos are seeing from customers in critical infrastructure and what do these organisations need to be mindful of
The problems with securing an organisation simply to meet minimum compliance standards
Cyber security budget limitations vs high expectations

Phil Tonkin
Phil is the Senior Director of Strategy at Dragos and has worked in the power industry for over 20 years. In the last five years, Phil has led the cyber security efforts for operational technology in the UK and US, with experience in securing systems in electricity and gas control centres, communication networks and operational sites.

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