Cyber Attack Crisis Simulation & Incident Response | Spotlight on Technology

Cyber Attack Crisis Simulation & Incident Response | Spotlight on Technology

In this episode of Spotlight on Technology we’re joined by Marie Hargraves, Cyber Workforce Advisor at Immersive Labs, to discuss crisis simulation and incident response testing.

What would you do if your organisation was the subject of a cyber attack? Having an incident response procedure is critical, but even if you have one, how can you be sure it will work? How can the process be refined?

Marie talks to us about the challenges facing businesses when it comes to incident response, and how these challenges can be overcome to ensure there is a robust plan in place if the worst should happen.

Marie explains how to keep your incident response procedure up to date and realistic and relevant to your own organisation, as well as identifying which staff or departments need to be involved and ensuring they understand their responsibilities.

James and Marie discuss how to successfully run a crisis simulation to strengthen incident response. Topics in this podcast include:

  • How to run through a security event in a meaningful way
  • How to do incident response remotely
  • The importance of curveballs within a crisis sim
  • How to deal with finger-pointing when dealing with an incident
  • Market trends for I.R. solutions
  • How a good I.R. procedure may help with cyber insurance
  • The use of psychology when dealing with incidents
  • The importance of confidence in decision making when responding to a security event
  • Simulations designed to be relevant to your organisation’s sector, including relevant risks and frameworks

Immersive Labs has pioneered a single enterprise platform that for the first time can measure and evidence the capability of your workforce, as it relates to cyber security. Organizations using Immersive Labs can evidence resilience across the whole workforce, kept up to date at the speed of cyber.

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