Cultivating a Culture of Security: Making Cybersecurity Everyone's Responsibility

Cultivating a Culture of Security: Making Cybersecurity Everyone's Responsibility

Join renowned cybersecurity expert Paul Dwyer in this compelling video as he highlights the urgent need for a cultural shift toward security consciousness. In today's digital landscape, organizations, and individuals often perceive security as a cumbersome inconvenience. Paul delves into the reasons behind this mindset, emphasizing the importance of understanding why security matters.

Drawing parallels with the aviation industry, where safety is ingrained in every individual's responsibility, Paul invites us to adopt a similar approach to cybersecurity. Blaming external factors, such as a hacked banking app, without considering personal commitment and proactive measures, is counterproductive. Instead, he advocates for a sociotechnical perspective, urging society to embrace cybersecurity collectively.

In this thought-provoking discussion, Paul emphasizes the significance of cyber hygiene. It is crucial for each one of us to play a part in making the digital landscape more safe and secure. Gone are the days of shifting blame; we must take proactive steps to ensure our own security, such as keeping our devices updated and connecting to secure networks.

Discover why a cultural transformation is imperative, where security becomes ingrained in our mindset, and individuals, organizations, and society as a whole take ownership of cybersecurity. Paul Dwyer's expertise shines through as he highlights the importance of embracing security as a shared responsibility, making the digital world a safer place for all. Don't miss this eye-opening discussion that will change the way you perceive and approach cybersecurity.

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Paul Dwyer
Paul C Dwyer stands among the world’s leading cybersecurity, risk, and compliance authorities. As CEO of Cyber Risk International, he excels in corporate and enterprise security, crafting cyber defence programs, and safeguarding business operations for clients. He also serves as the founder and President of the ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force, leading a community of over 30,000 professionals in their mission to combat cyber threats and promote industry diversity.

Boasting over 30 years of experience, Paul has worked extensively with military, law enforcement, and commercial sectors across the globe. His impressive credentials include certifications from the International Information Security Certification Consortium (ISC2) and the Information System Audit and Control Association (ISACA), as well as approvals from the National Crime Faculty and the HTCN High Tech Crime Network.

Throughout his illustrious career, Paul has taken on diverse roles, such as President of the ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force, Co-Chairman of the UK NCA National Crime Agency Industry Group, Advisor to NATO on Countering Hybrid Cyber Threats, and Interim Global CISO for multiple multinational organisations. Additionally, he has advised various governments and intelligence agencies.

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