Consolidating risk visibility with Software Risk Manager | Synopsys

Consolidating risk visibility with Software Risk Manager | Synopsys

Nov 17, 2023

Organizations use many AST tools to test software, across all stages of development, for different types of issues. However, these tools are often siloed, and security teams don’t have a way of summarizing the data they generate to understand what to prioritize, test, and fix. This has driven the evolution of Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) solutions which consolidate findings and centrally manage testing, security workflows, and risk visibility across all applications.

This video will show you how Software Risk Manager, an ASPM solution, helps with:

  • Standardizing AppSec workflows through defining and enforcing policies
  • Providing actionable insight to distill data across multiple tools and prioritize issues
  • Summarizing organizational, team, and project level metrics for gauging AppSec program efficacy

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