Bleeding Credit Unions Dry: The Story of Sloppy and Broken Operations

Bleeding Credit Unions Dry: The Story of Sloppy and Broken Operations

How vulnerable are credit unions, the bedrock of community finance, to rapidly advancing cyber threats?


Join CISO Global's Chris Clements, Tigran Safari, James Montagne, and special guest Iwona Karpeta as they discuss recent attacks against credit unions, how they responded, and how their customers were impacted.

Chris Clements is the VP of Solutions Architecture for CISO Global. Chris has spent more than two decades working in the information security field and has a wide range of experience, including business management, sales, product, and service delivery.

Chris has successfully secured hundreds of customers across North America and has developed in-depth security auditing and penetration testing for products and services with end-user security awareness programs.

Tigran Safari is a Client Experience Manager for CISO Global. Tigran has worked nearly three decades in the technology field and specializes in compliance, service delivery, client relations, and project management.

In addition to his service at CISO Global, Tigran is a member of the CX Certificate Program Advisory Board at Seton Hall University.

James Montagne works in the business development department at CISO Global. James, who brings more than 40 years of experience to CISO Global, specializes in management, security, regulatory compliance, and maintenance.

James also developed the SAFETiNET suite of cloud-based IT products and services.

Iwona Karpeta is the president and CEO of United Poles Federal Credit Union based in New Jersey. Iwona began her tenure at United Poles Federal Credit Union as a teller in 1996 before becoming CEO in 2005.
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