The Best Way to Prevent Getting Hacked

The Best Way to Prevent Getting Hacked

Here are simple cyber hygiene practices to get ahead of 95% of companies:

  • Patch up your systems
  • Know your attack surfaces
  • Train your employees in cybersecurity best practices
  • Use 2-factor authentication (either with your phone or a token)

Hackers today have tools that can find 1000s of easy targets that have bad cyber hygiene with a single click.

Here’s an analogy:

Imagine you’re a burglar walking in a neighborhood, thinking which house to break-in.

While all the houses look perfect, there is one that looks abandoned with broken doors, an unkempt lawn, and graffiti on the wall.

Which one would you choose?

Similarly in cybersecurity, having poor cyber hygiene attracts attention, increasing your chances of getting targeted.

Just like you can deter the burglar by putting up proper defenses, having a big lock on the door, and an ADT sun sign on the lawn…

You can prevent yourself from an attack just by maintaining good cyber hygiene (even though you might have not fixed every single issue).



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