Are Vulnerability Scans Enough?

Are Vulnerability Scans Enough?

Vulnerability scans and penetration tests are not enough.

Here are 2 reasons why:

1️⃣ They are intrusive.

You have to get permission from a company to do a vulnerability scan on them.

If, e.g., a third-party supplier who provides services to your company doesn't give you consent, you cannot do it.

2️⃣ They are momentary.

A vulnerability scan is a point in time.

You get a beautiful report with a lot of detail. But just a few days later, the report could be out of date and stale because the company got hacked.

What you need is a technology that allows continuous monitoring for your company as well as your:

  • investment targets
  • M&A targets
  • suppliers
  • partners
  • etc.

Here's an analogy:

A vulnerability scan is like going to a doctor where you get a rigorous assessment: Detailed but momentarily.

An outside and security rating scan is almost like getting a quick X-ray or measuring the temperature.

It is less detailed, but it will allow you to constantly monitor the situation on a bigger scale and catch many issues.

Vulnerability scans are very useful and important, but not enough because they won't reveal true attack vectors and possible exploitation.

With SecurityScorecard, we provide you

  • an outside view of a risk
  • continuous 24/7 monitoring for your company
  • continuous monitoring for every company you do business with.

Let me know if you want to know more about it.


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