Amazon's AI Gold Rush: Profits vs. Consequences - Tackling the Hidden Costs for a Sustainable Future

Amazon's AI Gold Rush: Profits vs. Consequences - Tackling the Hidden Costs for a Sustainable Future

Dive deep into the heart of the AI Gold Rush in our latest video as we unravel the complexities of an industry where profits are soaring, but at what cost? Andre Harwitz sheds light on a staggering revelation: a whopping 80% of generative AI startup investments are channeled into compute costs, with a single GPT 3.5 training run reaching an astounding $3.8 million.

But the financial toll is not the only concern. Join us as we navigate through the environmental impact of this technological frenzy. Each Chat GPT session consumes about half a liter of water, and the CO2 output from a GPT-3 training run surpasses human consumption by 10-11 times!

In this thought-provoking exploration, we confront the urgent need for change. Is it possible to harness the power of generative AI while minimizing the environmental footprint? The conversation extends beyond profits to the ethical responsibility we bear as pioneers in this technological revolution.

Let's delve into the call for a sustainable future in AI technology. Can we strike a balance between innovation and environmental conservation? Share your thoughts and join the discussion!

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