A06 Vulnerable and Outdated Components - OWASP TOP 10

A06 Vulnerable and Outdated Components - OWASP TOP 10

Outdated software components are a hacker's best friend. Learn about the dangers of A06:2021 (formerly known as "Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities") in the OWASP Top 10. This threat just climbed the ranks – let's get you up to speed!

In this video, we'll tackle:

  • What are vulnerable and outdated components?
  • How do attackers exploit them?
  • Real-world examples of devastating attacks
  • Detection strategies – find the weaknesses
  • Prevention and mitigation – protect yourself NOW

Essential viewing if you're:

  • A security professional
  • A developer
  • Concerned about online safety
  • Don't let vulnerable software be your downfall. Watch now and secure your systems!
  • #owasp #vulnerability

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