5 Ways to Protect Your Website from Bot Attacks

5 Ways to Protect Your Website from Bot Attacks

Jan 19, 2022

Web scraping is the process of using tools such as crawlers and scraping bots to extract invaluable data and content from websites, read parameter values, perform reverse engineering, assess navigable paths, and so on. Global e-commerce businesses saw a drop of 2% in revenues, totaling 70 billion dollars, due to web scraping. This highlights the importance of effective web scraping protection.

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Indusface is a SaaS company that secures critical Web applications of 2000+ global customers using its award-winning platform that integrates Web application scanner, Web application firewall, CDN, and threat information engine.

The company has been mentioned in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Tech Now reports, is CERT-In empanelled as a trusted scanning vendor, and has been the recipient of many awards such as the Economic Times Top 25, Nasscom DSCI Top Security Company of the Year Award and is funded by Tata Capital Growth Fund.

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