3 Services That Improve Your Security Posture

3 Services That Improve Your Security Posture

Besides KPIs and ratings to measure and quantify risk, you need to have a team of experts available 24/7, who you can rely on to help fix the worst problems. Put these four services in your cybersecurity toolbox:

  1. A ransomware 911 retainer

If a ransomware attack happens in the middle of the night on the weekend, you must be able to call somebody 365 days a year to help you recover and figure out how to get back up to speed.

  1. An incident response retainer

If you get breached, how do you diagnose how an attacker got in? You need to have experts who can go on your site and understand how attackers penetrated the defenses.

  1. Regular pentests

Hire someone to go break into your environment and report on a set of different vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

  1. Regular tabletop exercises.

This is where you simulate an attack to train your executives on how they would react. For example, suppose your IT administrator calls you up at 9:37am and frantically tells you that a customer database has been encrypted and hackers are asking for a $1M ransom.

What do you do next? Who do you call? How do you recover?

That’s why you need tabletop exercises, ransomware and incident response retainers, and regular penetration tests and red team assessments.

Those are all critical tools for exercising good cyber hygiene.


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