3 Best Practices to Save Yourself Zero-Day Exploits

3 Best Practices to Save Yourself Zero-Day Exploits

52% of attacks in 2021 began with a zero-day exploit.

Here are 4 things you can do to make sure your organization is safe: Understand your attack surfaces from the outside.

You need to understand how your external attack surface looks because that's how attackers break in. Have a patching program on hand.

When a patch comes out from a software vendor, apply it as soon as possible.

Then, rescan your entire attack surface to confirm that it’s applied properly. Build your network with resilience in mind.

Focus on resilience over robustness with proper network segmentation and a zero-trust approach..

Assume that the adversary can get in anyway and make it as hard as possible for them to exfiltrate the data by:

  • encrypting your sensitive information
  • segmenting the network
  • putting your network behind a VPN
  • putting multiple layers of authentication (such as MFA or passwordless authentication)

Anything I missed?


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