The Top Benefits Of XDR

The Top Benefits Of XDR

IT infrastructures needs to be protected, but endpoint detection alone is not adequate protection. Indicators of threats isn't always exhibited at the end points. Other indicators include abnormal traffic within the network, as well as abnormal traffic patterns. 

XDR offers many benefits. The top benefits include:

  1. Better Detection & Response- The entire threat surface is what XDR focuses on. This means organizations can detect threats easier. Improved detection and response time is one of the reasons XDR has gained popularity. 
  1. A User Interface That's Centralized- Another benefit of XDR solutions is a centralized user interface. Threat data is centralized and visible one one dashboard. Teams can analyze the threats and then decide how they should respond.
  1. Lower Overall Cost Of Ownership- Organizations that use XDR solutions often find they can maximize their resources. In turn, this lowers the overall cost of ownership. One of the best things about XDR solutions is they can be used to simplify security tools. 
  1. Analytics- You will find it easy to analyze data. This is because of the automated analytic features that XDR solutions provide. You will enjoy being able to easily triage, identify and prioritize threats. 

XDR solutions allow organizations to take a broad approach to monitoring cyber threats. It does this by incorporating several pieces of technology. However, there are a handful of drawbacks associated with XDR. A few include: 

The Way They Are Built- One drawback is that the solutions are built in a disparate way, which means the components haven't really been built from the ground-up. Different pieces within the platform may only show a small glimpse of the big picture. Not only that, but the amount of CPU that XDR solutions use can be enormous. In turn, such solutions can leave a massive footprint. 

Also, XDR solutions don't always provide enough context into threats. This means you might find it difficult to prevent an attack. You might also find it difficult to not fall victim to certain threats.