Revitalize Your Writing: The Ultimate Guide on How to Rewrite My Essay Effectively

Revitalize Your Writing: The Ultimate Guide on How to Rewrite My Essay Effectively

Writing assignments in schools and colleges make up the bulk of activities that students go through. Whether you are a student or a professional writer, you would often rewrite or repurpose a piece of text to save time while delivering quality work. Contrary to popular belief, rewriting or paraphrasing is not easy when you need to secure solid grades. It takes a lot of effort and practice to nail the core things right. Using an essay rewriter is a great idea as it can do it all in seconds.

This post will show you the ropes on how to master the art and craft of paraphrasing!

Rewriting an Essay

Believe it or not, we paraphrase a lot in both writing and speaking. The world would be a different place, a dull one for sure if we were not evolved to add our personal touch in someone else’s narration. Paraphrasing makes communication easier and convincing because it allows us to repurpose the content according to the demands of the audiences and the needs of the writer.

If you want automated solutions for rewriting or paraphrasing, Google “rewrite my essay” and you will find the best tools the internet has to offer!

Quoting Vs Summarizing Vs Paraphrasing

Many people, including students and young scholars, believe that all three terms are the same. In reality, there are stark differences between these terms.

  • Quoting happens when you use the words and message of the original author
  • Summarizing is condensing the message using fewer words than the original
  • Paraphrasing is writing the same thing but with different words and phrases

Understanding the terms and their usage can help you steer your academic writing to new heights!

Why Paraphrase An Essay?

Here are some of the reasons why you want to paraphrase an essay for school or college.

Improving Clarity

Depending on the audience, you might want to improve the clarity of the original text. For instance, you might have an essay from the early 20th century and you want to make it palatable for modern readers. Rewriting one should make things clear!

Adding Personal Elements

As covered above, quoting everything cannot only make things monotonous but also make them devoid of any personal character. That’s why you need to introduce changes in the original text so you cannot only pass on something new but also unique in its contents.

Your Guide on Rewriting Essays Effectively

Now that we have covered major ground on rewriting and paraphrasing, it is time to go through the practical steps that can help you paraphrase essays and papers seamlessly.

Understanding the Original Text

The first step to paraphrase or rewrite an original piece is to understand it fully. Without doing so, you might be able to scratch the surface a little but will fail to go deep into the meanings and their application. This includes finding the key ideas and the overall message to repurpose it in the new text piece.

Taking Time to Reflect

Once you have read through the piece, it is best to sit back and reflect on the piece. Going through the fine points and understanding them will allow you to present them more effectively while writing your essay.

Writing in Your Words

When you have read through the original piece and thought over it, it is time to put the proverbial pen to the paper. Write the essay in your own words and construct from the ground up. Treat the work as if you are writing the text for the first time, working on each point accordingly.

Proofreading & Editing

Merely rewriting an essay is not enough as you will have to proofread and edit the text to avoid any mistakes or inconsistencies. Also, many writers might mistreat the subject matter so going through the finished draft multiple times should be standard practice.


Once you are done with your essay, you can submit it for evaluation. This post should allow you to learn the ins and outs of rewriting essays. If you were having a hard time dealing with the variables of the process before, you won’t have any issues now!