The remote IT workforce boom and ways to face it

The remote IT workforce boom and ways to face it

When the entire world decided to shut down following the COVID-19 outbreak, did it stop organizations from doing their work? Did banks and hospitals take a break? Many had to carry on their daily routine to keep the world alive. Employees were scattered across every corner of the world. Yet sysadmins were still expected to maintain control of the endpoints in the organization and troubleshoot issues instantly.

Quite some time has passed since lockdown restrictions were lifted, but has much changed? According to a survey held in 2021, employees felt working from home gave them more time to invest in their job, which had a positive impact on their performance. They started liking the idea of no travel, which ultimately meant less expenses and more time in hand.

Remote work: A nightmare for sysadmins

When employees and their endpoints are spread across different geographic locations, manually troubleshooting issues with these devices presents a major challenge for sysadmins. Communication with remote employees poses a barrier to sysadmins who need to fully understand the problem to be able to fix it. But even if the sysadmins work in the same building as the rest of the employees in an organization, there won't be enough time or manpower to physically check every device and resolve every IT issue. Regardless of where employees and sysadmins are located, manually troubleshooting issues is a difficult task.

With the evolving trend of remote work, sysadmins fear they won't be able to manage end users both within and outside of the corporate network. This is why many sysadmins are against the idea of working from home.

Bridging the gap

During the pandemic, people were afraid to step foot out of their bubbles. But did the celebrations, parties, or work stop? No, instead, the gap here was bridged by live streaming and video conferencing.

In the same vein as live streaming, organizations have been using remote access and support software to bridge the gap between sysadmins and the IT employees. Even when the sysadmin and the device are in different geographic locations, sysadmins can use software that lets them remotely access, collaborate, and transfer files all from a single console to quickly troubleshoot IT problems. 

The remote access solution in the spotlight

Remote access software has proven to be a vital tool for sysadmins to fix IT problems in remote and hybrid work environments. With remote access software, you can:

  • Access your employees' devices as though they are physically in front of you.
  • Use diagnostic tools to view events, access the terminal, and manage systems and files.
  • Invite and collaborate with multiple technicians and fix complex endpoint problems quickly.
  • Initiate chats or video calls to get a better understanding about issues.
  • Save time and money spent on troubleshooting IT problems.

By equipping sysadmins with super-charged remote access software, the burden of troubleshooting endpoints can be scaled down. This way sysadmins will be able to enjoy working from home.

The tailor-made remote access software with great offers!

There are various remote access software solutions available on the market. Remote Access Plus comes with a free, 30-day trial offer! Here's why you don't want to miss it:

  • Stay compliant with compliance mandates like HIPAA, the GDPR, and the PCI DSS.
  • Equip yourself with exclusive security features like 2FA and SSO.
  • On board all your endpoints at once with bulk agent installation.
  • Customize resolution and color quality of remote sessions to avoid bandwidth choke.
  • Record, capture, and generate reports for seamless audits.
  • Detect and view multiple monitors from a single dashboard.
  • Collaborate with experts and solve complex problems instantly.
  • Schedule shutdown, wake on LAN and more to reduce your enterprise power consumption.
  • Send out important alerts to a large scale of audience in one shot.
  • Leverage the failover server to avoid outages when a server crashes.
  • Download the mobile app and access your Remote Access Plus server from anywhere within seconds.

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