Best E-stop Buttons from APIELE

Best E-stop Buttons from APIELE

If you run machinery but haven’t installed E-stop buttons you certainly like to play Russian roulette with your safety and that of your workers. No machinery is 100 percent fault-proof; stuff happens. At one time or another, you may need to kill the engine quick due to a faulty or worn-out component or program that puts the operator’s health and safety in jeopardy. That’s where an E-stop button otherwise known as an emergency stop switch or kill switch comes in handy.

E-stop switches are required in almost every machinery. It depends on the country's regulations and the risk assessment report that establishes the kinds and levels of hazards associated with the machine's operations. Most countries require E-stop switches on equipment with high hazard levels to kill operations in case of emergencies.

These switches typically feature mushroom heads and red color for visibility and safe and convenient operations. Here’s a look at some of the most sought-after emergency buttons from APIELE:

Mushroom Head Push Button Switch Momentary Push Button

Combining good looks and functionality, this momentary push button switch is designed for use as a kill switch. It features a mushroom head in red, blue, black and white and a rubber ring for IP65 protection against water and dust, making it the best for use in wet and dusty settings.

The switch is lightweight and easy to install. Indeed, it features screw terminals so you can forget about any welding. The body is durable aluminum designed to last through a million mechanical cycles and over 200K electrical cycles.

Overall, it’s an impressive momentary switch with a tactile sensation when pressed, allowing for safe and easy operation. You can find it in 16mm, 19mm and 22mm options with 12V, 24V, and 36V DC.

16mm Red Mushroom Emergency Stop Push Button Switch 250V 5 Amp

This LA16 Series push button E-stop switch is crafted from durable plastic and designed with a mushroom head with highly visible red and white pattern that says twist clockwise to reset. It’s a 16mm switch making it compatible with many switch phases in industrial and consumer appliances and equipment.

The switch mechanism itself is of the latching design. Once installed, press to lock and twist to open. It provides 1NO1NC 2NO2NC 2NC operations for users who want to configure circuits for multiple functions and paths.

Overall, this switch is designed to last through 100K electrical cycles and 300K mechanical cycles. Plus, it features an O-ring for protection against dust and moisture. However, it’s best not to submerge it whatsoever.

22mm Metal Emergency Stop Push Button Latching Switch

This latching push button switch is designed for mounting in 22mm ports to operate two independent circuits (1NO 1NC). It has a latching mechanism and is designed with a mushroom head in visible red with clear indicators that say push to lock and twist clockwise to release.

The switch is rated 5A 250V and can last through 200K electrical cycles and a million mechanical cycles thanks to the durable steel body. It’s designed with screw terminals, so you don’t have to worry about any welding. There’s an O-ring to protect against dust and moisture. However, we strongly advise against submerging the switch. Use in places with -20℃ to 55℃ temperature conditions.

22mm Momentary Mushroom Head Push Button Switch

This momentary push button switch is crafted from durable aluminum and equipped with silver contacts and a plastic mushroom-head for durability, safe and easy operation. it’s rated for 660V and designed for ports of size 22mm.

You can use it in temperature conditions ranging from 20℃ to 55℃. Feel free to select the one with the red head or green head. It’s a momentary switch so all you need to do is press it to lock and twist clockwise to release. It’s strong enough to last through two million mechanical cycles. 

Moreover, it features an O-ring for splash-protection. However, that doesn’t give the carte blanche to immerse it in water. Keep moisture off your emergency switch and stay safe. In case we accidentally ship you a broken switch, we will be happy to take it back and compensate you with a new product. We also provide a 3-year warranty on all our switches. Feel free to browse our catalog and find the right switch for your application.