Acoustic panels - take care of acoustics in every room!

Acoustic panels - take care of acoustics in every room!

Surely you have experienced discomfort caused by echoes and reverberation in a given room. This is a particularly intrusive experience when sound quality matters to you, such as when listening to music, watching TV or giving a speech. To prevent annoying noise from interfering with the reception of sound and speech, opt for acoustic panels for private, commercial, business premises and more! What are they, and how do they affect acoustics?

  • What are the functions of acoustic panels?
  • Can acoustic panels be personalised?
  • Professional advice on the selection and installation of acoustic panels

What are the functions of acoustic panels?

The acoustic panels that you order at are carefully designed and professional components that enable you to achieve the best sound quality in the selected room.

Depending on the needs, individual products can absorb sound waves of a specific frequency, prevent sound waves from bouncing off the walls of the room and prevent sounds from being undesirably distorted. 

Thanks to the appropriate layout of the acoustic panels, the sound spreads properly in the interior, is optimally accentuated or muted. The sound waves spread around the room in a targeted way, not by chance. They achieve the appropriate intensity, which positively affects the reception of sounds by listeners. Selected acoustic panels can also perform a corrective function so that no sound resonance is created in the room.

Can acoustic panels be personalised?

Acoustic panels are placed on the walls or ceiling of rooms, so they must not only be effective in shaping sound waves, but also modern and decorative. Therefore, there are great opportunities to personalise their appearance. One of the first ways to adapt them to the customer's needs is to choose the colour version of the panels. You can order the whole set in one colour or opt for multicoloured solutions.

You can also choose the form of the finish. Depending on expectations and aesthetic preferences, acoustic panels have a wood or fabric finish.

The last way of personalisation is the option of printing the selected graphic motive. It can also be a very personal theme (e.g. commemorative photos), which makes the panel not only a functional element, but also a very decorative and personal one.

Professional advice on the selection and installation of acoustic panels

In order to feel the best in a selected room, it is worth taking care of its acoustics. It will be, for example, a private home cinema, a conference room or a recording studio. In such places, acoustics are very important. To be sure that the choice of panels will be appropriate, it is worth deciding on the help of professionals and making an appointment for acoustic measurements. Thanks to them, the choice of the solution will be simpler and effective!