4 Quick Tips For Securing Business Data When Augmenting Your Staff In 2023

4 Quick Tips For Securing Business Data When Augmenting Your Staff In 2023

You have decided to turn a new leaf in your business journey in Nearshore. This is going to turn out pretty well for you because you will be adding a lot of external talent to your organization. Yes, staff augmentation has always been on your mind but the one thing that has bothered you along the way is that you will be sharing your critical business data with outsiders. Well, they are technically outsiders unless the orientation process gets completed and you finally sign on the dotted line. 

You will always be concerned about your business data being at risk of leakage or unauthorized access. The following section talks about a few ideas and suggestions that you can use to protect your business data when you are in the process of augmenting your staff. Let's begin:

  1. Avoid Email Phishing Scams

These emails are always going to appear legitimate and have been sent from a reputable company. If they ask you to click on a link or perhaps download a file that you are suspicious about, do not do any such things. If you find any such emails in your inbox, filter them out and evaluate whether the sender is in your address list or not. If the link you have clicked on asks you to divulge your financial information or anything related to your debit card or credit card, block the sender of the email right away.

  1. No More Unauthorized Users

Let's just say that you have provided links to several documents or files that have been stored on the cloud or on your SaaS to the augmented staff members. Some of those files might contain critical competitor information and statistics as well. Only authorized users should have access to that information. It is better to employ two-factor authentication at least for better safety of your company records.

  1. Make An Inventory Of Information

This is going to be a very intelligent step. All the tablets, smartphones, laptops, flash drives, and other hardware that you use to disseminate critical information must be recorded in your digital diaries. When you are in the process of interacting with your nearshore staff augmentation partner, this is going to help you prevent critical business data from falling into the wrong hands. This information inventory should always include electronic files and the physical documents that you have created to prevent duplicity of data and confusion as well.

  1. What Is Cybersecurity?

Haven't you been keeping yourself updated on the latest cybersecurity threats? There could be different bugs, viruses, malware, and ransomware that could infest or infect your systems. If your free antivirus is not doing the job, look for a paid membership or a program that helps you secure your networks and every device connected to them. Remember, the money you spend should be worth the security you receive.


It is very responsible and intelligent of you to think about the safety and integrity of your company data. Given the security threats that are looming out there, it makes a lot of sense to take these steps for your business in Nearshore.