UpGuard Webinar: Microsoft PowerApps data leaks

UpGuard Webinar: Microsoft PowerApps data leaks


Learn how a Microsoft default security permission led to a massive data leak, and how you can make sure your organization is protected.

Join us on Wednesday, September 8 at 10 am PST to learn about the Microsoft PowerApps data leaks that affected over 47 businesses globally.

In our latest published research, UpGuard analysts discuss a systemic problem with the Microsoft PowerApps product that led to 38 million records becoming exposed through data leaks. The types of data included personal information used for COVID-19 contact tracing, COVID-19 vaccination appointments, social security numbers for job applicants, employee IDs, and millions of names and email addresses. Join Greg Pollock, VP Cyber Research, as he reviews how this new vector of cybersecurity risk affects businesses and how teams can audit their systems to protect themselves.

Register for this webinar to learn:

- How companies such as American Airlines, J.B. Hunt, Microsoft, and local governments such as Indiana, Maryland and New York City suffered data leaks on this platform,

- What steps UpGuard took to pursue notification on a net new vector of data exposure,

- Microsoft’s response to this vulnerability disclosure and how to make sure your organization is protected from data leaks on PowerApps.

Greg will cover some best practices on how CISOs and security leaders can identify and remediate these types of configuration issues in the future.

Finally, Greg will be on hand for a live Q&A! Have a burning question? Submit your question to marketing@upguard.com and we'll pick some to be answered on the day.