Outpost 24: Live Webinar: Why API security matters and how to get it right

Outpost 24: Live Webinar: Why API security matters and how to get it right


APIs are everywhere and now a critical part of any modern SaaS and web application. API security has become a critical priority because the nature of publicly available APIs give outsiders direct access to your application logic and data for potential abuse. In fact, Gartner predicts “by 2022, API abuses will move from infrequent to the most frequent attack vector, resulting in data breaches for enterprise web applications.” Recent API attacks on Peloton, LinkedIn, and Clubhouse are good examples of the risk of vulnerable APIs in the real world.

In this webinar, our expert panel will discuss why continuous API security testing is critical to securing your applications and reducing risk of API hacking in the wild. We will provide best practice guidance to improve your API security posture through automated detection for vulnerabilities lurking in API endpoints, ensuring your application business is protected against abuse.

What you'll learn

  • Why you need API security testing to reduce the risk of exposure
  • API breaches in the news and top tips to defend against abuse
  • Tales from the frontline and how hacking APIs works in the wild
  • Benefits of continuous and automated API security testing with OWASP top 10 coverage
  • Tools and techniques that can protect your APIs at speed and scale

With Gartner penning it as a ‘critical priority’ there is no time like the present to put API security up on your security agenda.