Netskope: Unparalleled network performance and app connectivity

Netskope: Unparalleled network performance and app connectivity


Workforces have become increasingly more remote and distributed. Enterprises are having to take a hard look at how they secure their internet traffic and their access to mission critical applications. Allowing organizations to implement real-time security features and controls without users noticing or complaining that performance is affected, enables network professionals to secure the enterprise in a way they never could be before.

Join this webinar and learn how Netskope NewEdge—the world’s largest, highest-performing security private cloud—can help your organization deliver the best possible security and performance - without trade-offs.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How Netskope delivers superior performance with unrivaled resiliency
  • How Netskope NewEdge powers real-time, inline security services allowing security to be deployed at the edge where and when it’s needed
  • Why the Netskope private cloud provides control, performance, and visibility beyond providers hosted on public cloud infrastructure
  • Why SASE embedded Proactive Digital Experience Management (P-DEM) is a crucial visibility component to help manage your users digital experience