Netskope: A Network Architect's Guide for VPN Evolution

Netskope: A Network Architect's Guide for VPN Evolution


In this edition of the Architecture Matters series, just for networkers, we will examine why the industry is making a pivotal shift away from traditional VPN implementations and increasingly deploying Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) services as part of a larger secure access service edge (SASE) architecture.

Join Netskope experts as they contrast current remote access alternatives and explain why many organizations struggle to fully replace their VPNs. We will explain Netskope’s approach to ZTNA and provide a practical action plan to help you make the transition from your current VPN infrastructure to faster and safer Zero Trust connectivity.

We’ll cover:

  • State of the VPN: The evolution of VPNs and whether they still hold relevance in current network and security architectures.
  • Weighing the Alternatives: Understanding the advantages and limitations of remote access alternatives, such as ZTNA and SD-WAN, and why they have not provided a comprehensive path to replacing VPNs.
  • Navigating to Zero Trust: Gaining practical strategies and recommended starting points for transitioning to a Zero Trust network architecture.