Netskope: Live Demo Series: Revolutionizing Remote Access

Netskope: Live Demo Series: Revolutionizing Remote Access


Join us live as Michael Ferguson “Fergo”, Director of Security Transformation and SSE Evangelist at Netskope, showcases how the game-changing capabilities of Netskope Private Access is revolutionizing remote access for the modern workforce.

In this live demo, you’ll learn how Netskope Private Access provides secure access over Transport Layer Security (TLS) from user endpoints with access control policies that ensure users only have visibility to authorized applications. This secure inside-to-out direct to app approach removes the vulnerability exposures of legacy VPNs and lateral movement without connecting the user to the network.

Live Demo Highlights:

  • The limitations of traditional VPNs and why they are no longer sufficient for the evolving needs of organizations
  • How Netskope Private Access, as a cloud-delivered ZTNA solution, provides a comprehensive and secure alternative to traditional VPNs to enhance security and minimize attack surfaces
  • How Netskope Private Access ensures authenticated and authorized users have conditional access to specific applications

Be sure to attend live to ask questions.