Netskope: Get the Details: Security Service Edge (SSE)

Netskope: Get the Details: Security Service Edge (SSE)


Security Service Edge (SSE) is a set of security-focused services delivered through the new, SASE cloud-native security architecture for better end-user experiences when securing any user on any device to any service running in public or private clouds.

According to Gartner®, “by 2025, 80% of enterprises will have adopted a strategy to unify web, cloud services and private application access from a single vendor’s security service edge (SSE) platform.”*

Join us for a virtual event where we will explore the business benefits of SSE, how SSE fits into a SASE architecture, and how the Netskope Intelligent SSE achieves the following:

  • Secures web and cloud usage for IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and enforces corporate policies, compliance regulations, and best practices, with the best user experience.
  • Detects and mitigates threats across web, SaaS apps, private apps, and cloud services, with context and instance-awareness.
  • Connects, coaches, and secures remote workers when accessing the web, cloud, and private app, enabling users to make the right decisions.
  • Identifies and protects sensitive information and data across web, cloud, and private apps.