Netskope: 6 Critical Steps to Securing Office 365

Netskope: 6 Critical Steps to Securing Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 continues to be the most used cloud-based application adopted by organisations worldwide. As a popular productivity suite, its capabilities are broad and help users collaborate with people both inside and outside their organisation.

A broad set of capabilities, however, creates challenges in accessing and protecting the data that is used across the various Office 365 applications, including SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook, and Yammer. How can you effectively secure and govern data usage across these applications?

This webinar will highlight 6 important steps needed to better protect your data within Office 365.

Watch this webinar and learn more about:

  • How to get real time visibility and control of risky activities across dozens of apps in Office 365
  • How to protect your data from inside and outside threats
  • How to protect your data while enabling multiple access methods (i.e. web, desktop app, managed / unmanaged device)
  • How to ensure best practices and industry compliance