ManageEngine: Make your IT operations future-proof with the Branch of One architecture

ManageEngine: Make your IT operations future-proof with the Branch of One architecture


In the last year, we watched adoption of remote and hybrid work cultures accelerate around the globe in response to the pandemic. But most enterprises weren't ready for the abrupt change in where their workforces operated. Initially, IT admins deployed a number of band-aid solutions like VPNs to give their workforces seamless connectivity to their corporate networks. But these solutions had drawbacks of their own. To overcome the shortcomings of these band-aid solutions and deliver a seamless experience to their workforce, enterprises need to rethink their IT strategy. Such strategies will include adoption of the latest technologies and upgrading their core IT infrastructure.

In this webinar, we'll discuss how IT admins can leverage the Branch of One architecture, which, according to IDC, "Represents a re-architecture of the edge of the enterprise network that will last long beyond the pandemic." This will include the rapid adoption of technologies like Zero Trust, cloud architectures for networks, and software-defined networking in a wide-area networks to make IT operations agile enough to serve the hybrid workforce. We will be discussing how enterprises have leveraged these approaches while their legacy services remained undisturbed using some best practices.

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Prioritizing major IT challenges to ensure business continuity
  • Scaling IT infrastructures for Branch of One
  • Impending transformation of the IT landscape
  • Adoption of cloud architectures for enterprise networks
  • Deploying AI and machine learning (ML) to offload tasks from IT staff
  • Best practices to make your network remote-work-ready

Featured Speakers

Mark Leary - Research Director, Network Analytics at IDC

Mark Leary is the research director for network analytics and visibility responsible for worldwide technology market research and analysis. Mark's core research focuses on the broader network management and monitoring domain and the service assurance domain, including related analytics, AI and ML, automation, and programmability aspects that apply to a secure agile network. Mark’s research also examines advances in enterprise and cloud network technologies; adoption of cloud services and software-defined systems; network management best practices; and the evolution of IT staff roles and skills in this demanding hyper-connected digital era.

Suresh Bagavathy - Senior Technical Evangelist at ManageEngine

Suresh Bagavathy is a senior technical evangelist at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation. In the last 13 years at ManageEngine, Suresh has given several talks and has led multiple training sessions at ManageEngine events while also putting his skills to use for product consultation and large-scale implementation of our solutions. Suresh also closely works with our technical support teams. He has helped customers with his technical know-how, which has also helped him understand what customers are looking for, and actively contributes to product management.