Devo: Step Up Your Network Defense

Devo: Step Up Your Network Defense


Analysts hit dead ends when the right data isn’t quickly and easily accessible.

Watch this live webinar to see how the combination of Corelight and Devo delivers lightning-fast access to data (centrally stored in the cloud), providing analysts with the answers they need when an alert fires. You’ll learn how to:

  • Quickly investigate incidents in Devo using Corelight data
  • Easily pivot across Suricata, Zeek, and other data sources
  • Go from alert through investigation without writing a single search
  • Easily add incidents to a case management workflow

Devo automatically enriches the network data set with intelligent context. Then it’s combined with other data, such as EDR, with an analyst-focused workflow. This enables analysts to respond to threats faster than possible with other solutions. That’s why it’s the best choice for affordable Corelight, Zeek, and Suricata data in the cloud.