Devo: No-Compromise Security Architecture

Devo: No-Compromise Security Architecture


Out with the Old, in with the New

The old ways of centralizing log data for security—managing on-prem infrastructure, putting valuable historical threat data in cold storage, complicated licensing, long query times—are made obsolete by the architecture of SaaS-based solutions.

Learn how Devo is transforming security operations with a new, SaaS-based approach to enterprise logging.

What You'll Learn in the Session:

What does a no-compromise architecture look like? What it means for security teams is:

  • 400 days hot data retention – threat hunt across PBs of data with ease
  • Run thousands of concurrent queries – don’t restrict your analysts or automated analytics
  • Add any new data sources – we store data in raw format, don’t wait to add more data
  • Full-multitenancy – easily manage clients and internal teams data

We’ll show how Devo takes a no-compromise approach with a live demo.

We’ll run through the top tradeoffs and compromises organizations are facing with their legacy monitoring solutions.